Entry #16

I'm Back, And Staying For Good This Time!

2012-07-15 20:46:01 by AndysTowns

The 3rd time i think I've made a post like this, nah well. As the title does say to my "MANEE FANZ OUT DER" I'm back not only doing animation but also trying to make it as a background artist. to state that i am back i have released a brand new video on Youtube and Newgrounds (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np2RJ0z7HSE) not my best i'll admit & i do understand that all about Dead Rising 2 has died down but its game that i love playing and also this has been a project in the works for ages now.

In other news, i have, FINALLY, found a way to convert my SWF files to great quality videos to publish on Youtube which i do hope i can get a partnership as i will be writing and animating quite regularly from now on. Also on my next video i plan to go wide screen so my videos will look even more professional :-) as usual, keep giving me those good reviews, subscribe to my channel, follow my twitter and keep in tune for some updates soon :-)

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