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The 3rd time i think I've made a post like this, nah well. As the title does say to my "MANEE FANZ OUT DER" I'm back not only doing animation but also trying to make it as a background artist. to state that i am back i have released a brand new video on Youtube and Newgrounds ( not my best i'll admit & i do understand that all about Dead Rising 2 has died down but its game that i love playing and also this has been a project in the works for ages now.

In other news, i have, FINALLY, found a way to convert my SWF files to great quality videos to publish on Youtube which i do hope i can get a partnership as i will be writing and animating quite regularly from now on. Also on my next video i plan to go wide screen so my videos will look even more professional :-) as usual, keep giving me those good reviews, subscribe to my channel, follow my twitter and keep in tune for some updates soon :-)

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Its been a while since i last posted on the site but now i have brought out a brand-new animation called "Failcraft" based on the hit pixel game created by notch "Minecraft."

Failcraft is about the top 3 fails in Minecraft (in my opinion) i based this off the 3 most annoying things that have happend to me in this game here is a little discription of the fails.

1. When you place a block of obsidion and it takes your forever to remove it.
2. When your mining for diamond and the lava rushes in and destroy's the diamonds on the floor.
3. When your going through a dark cave and then a loads of creepers blow up right next to you.

I hope you enjoy "Failcraft" here is a screen shot of the part in the animation that i find the most ammusing :)

The top 3 fails of MINECRAFT!!!

New stuff soon!!!!!

2011-04-22 09:45:19 by AndysTowns

Hi everyone

i havent really updated anything for newgrounds at all this year so far but il be have some more stuff coming out soon, some solo projects and some colaberated projects with AnJproductions and OmegaPoncho

these guys are fantastic at film making and great artists so check there pages out at somepoint!
The one project im doing at the minute is one to celebrate the release and success of valves new game "Portal 2" which will have the two robotic characters "Atlas" & "P-BODY" Heres a Screenshot/Poster of the art style il be using and the to characters.

Also, i have recently started playing the game minecraft and i decided to do a flash for that aswell but its still in the planning phase.

New stuff soon!!!!!

Name Changes

2010-12-19 11:20:53 by AndysTowns

I have decided to change the name of new cartoon "What ZOMBREX Really Is" to "Dumb Rising: Zombrex"
ive done this because i wanted to make more cartoons about the "Dead Rising" but i wanted them to have a seires title


2010-12-09 07:30:42 by AndysTowns

Wow, im really happy to see my new Dead Rising 2 Zombrex cartoon was quite a success but i am still working on my "Black Op's" cartoon but i thing it will be uploaded after the christmas period.

My Zombrex poster


New Black Op's Animation!

2010-11-15 16:17:23 by AndysTowns

Its been a while since i last did something for newgrounds so i have decided to make a new cartoon based on the new video game release "Call of Duty: Black Op's". It will have the same character from my previous cartoons (PS3 Problems: Slow & ODST Firefight Literally) who i am now calling Dave, Due to the requests on my preivious cartoons this one will include some sound fx and a bit of voice (Maybe) and it will be a lot longer.

Also, i am working on a few thing's with "AnJproductions" & OmegaPoncho" like an Animated spoof of kickass the film and are own little seires.

Poster for my COD flash.

New Black Op's Animation!

Prepare To Drop, Onto Newgrounds

2010-07-29 07:41:45 by AndysTowns

Im still working on my Dead Rising stuff but its taking a long time to find the sounds for it. So in the mean time ive decided to work on a flash based on one of my favorite multiplayer games.
The name of my new flash is called "Halo 3 ODST Firefight Literally"

A Quick Preview

2010-07-19 10:35:15 by AndysTowns

Some new stuff coming soon (A cartoon with new artwork done by new artist, A small comic strip, And two cartoons based on the Dead Rising franchise.

Heres a poster to do with one of my upcoming flash. Dead Rising how it could of been prevented.

A Quick Preview

New Cartoon, New Artist

2010-07-15 13:45:28 by AndysTowns

New cartoon coming soon with art done by new artist. screen shots of cartoon coming soon. =D

Changes For A Brand New Seires!

2010-04-01 11:12:00 by AndysTowns

Well i read all the reviews on my previous video and people saying that this isnt the biggest problem for the PS3 so ive decides that i should change it into a series with a good long number of episodes. Anyway check out the newer version of my flash

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Changes For A Brand New Seires!